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"I am really enjoying learning about the pastoral side of ministry and value building relationships with members of the congregation and  community."

In this role, I am learning about the many aspects of parish life from a new perspective. As an intern, I am given a wide variety of responsibilities: from speaking opportunities, such as preaching sermons and giving school assemblies, to chances to start new ventures, such as a youth football team.

I am really enjoying learning about the pastoral side of ministry and value building relationships with members of the congregation and community. For me, this has been most apparent in home visits where we bring communion to those who are unable to make it to church due to their health. The conversations that have arisen out of these visits have blown me away (!) - listening to inspiring people of faith, each with a story to tell, many of whom having lived in Poplar their whole lives.


This experience of church is not like any I have had before. Having grown up in a different tradition, I am really enjoying learning about a more Anglo-Catholic style of worship. It is helping me to reflect on what aspects of my faith are important to me whilst I consider my own calling.


Learning from this tradition, I have been able to appreciate the use of liturgy and understand the importance of the Eucharist. Though it has taken me out of my comfort zone, this experience continues to give me new insights into the diversity and vibrancy of the Anglican Church.